Remote industrial farming and production have increased their usage of the internet over the last decade and a number of them are enjoying the benefits of Screamer’s flexible solutions. Even though restricted monopoly terrestrial broadband services like DSL and cable don’t have reliable infrastructure or infrastructure at all way out in rural and remote areas where most farms are located, they are still able to get online with Screamers wireless internet service. If we don’t have a connection at your exact farm or distribution/collection point, we will install one for you.

Does this sound familiar?

“When farmers need up-to-the-minute weather and commodity information, that usually involves going to a Web site, going to make a cup of coffee, drinking the coffee and then coming back to see the page only half loaded,”

Although broadband on its own is not a silver bullet for prosperity, adequate broadband access is an enabler for economic development and for enhancing business opportunities in remote and rural areas.



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