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Screamer Telecoms managed voice and data network solutions in South Africa give the flexibility to deploy high-speed Internet connections in areas where traditional providers are unable to do so. This can be a major benefit to our customers holding long term or temporary contracts in remote areas. Regardless of whether you need a simple high-speed connection or a large Internet pipeline with multiple phones, Virtual Private Networks back to a Head Office, managed security systems or IP routing, Screamer Telecoms engineers are skilled at deploying solutions to help make your remote site a success.

We can also deploy a network connection in a matter of hours so we are able to respond very quickly to the demands that the engineering and construction industry are placed under daily.

Screamer is the ideal solution for construction firms that require multi-location networks for fast file sharing and efficient communication. We can supply sites with high-speed broadband connectivity, with services that line up with construction timelines. As an additional bonus, Screamers Corporate WAN can create a private metro network to connect your construction site back to your main office for the sharing of architectural drawings or other technical documents.



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