Free Employee Home Internet Connections That Use The Unused Company Bandwidth

On Sunday evening 15th of March President Ramaphosa announced sweeping measures overnight to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus. 

These moves were welcomed and overdue BUT many don’t think it will stop there.

Most of our workforce use overcrowded taxis to get to work that are hotbed incubators for the transmission of the Corona virus.

It is inevitable that the only effective way of clamping down on the spread of the virus is to order a countrywide shutdown.

This will happen and this will happen overnight!

Business owners in countries where this terrible virus has shown it’s presence are now being forced to advise their staff to stay at home!

To assist business owners in preparing for this eventuality in SA, Screamer Telecoms has designed a business communication package solution for employees working from home.

For every uncapped 20Mb business package Screamer will also install 5 free employee home connections that will use the company’s spare bandwidth when the company is not using it! So when the employees are not in the office using the company’s bandwidth they can use it at home.

So, 5 free employee residential connections and no additional bandwidth costs!! That is future proofing your company against this virus!


Qualifying Criteria


1 Staff installation

Valued R5 500

2 Staff installations

Valued R11 000

3 Staff installations

Valued R16 500

4 Staff installation

Valued R22 000

5 Staff installations

Valued R27 500

20 Mbps R2 999 R2 999 R3 499 R3 799 R4 099
30 Mbps R3 999 R3 999 R4 299 R4 599 R4 899
50 Mbps R5 999 R5 999 R6 299 R6 599 R6 899
70 Mbps R7 599 R7 599 R7 849 R8 099 R8 349
100 Mbps R9 899 R9 899 R10 149 R10 399 R10 649
100 Mbps + Price on request


Qualifying Criteria

 Corporate Package Size  1 Staff Installation (Valued at R5500.00)
20 Mbps R2 999
30 Mbps R3 999
50 Mbps R5 999
70 Mbps R7 599
100 Mbps R9 899
100 Mbps + Price on request
 Corporate Package Size  2 Staff Installation (Valued at R11,000.00)
20 Mbps R2 999
30 Mbps R3 999
50 Mbps R5 999
70 Mbps R7 599
100 Mbps R9 899
100 Mbps +
 Corporate Package Size  3 Staff Installation (Valued at R16,500.00)
20 Mbps R3 499
30 Mbps R4 299
50 Mbps R6 299
70 Mbps R7 849
100 Mbps R10 149
100 Mbps +
 Corporate Package Size  4 Staff Installation (Valued at R22,000.00)
20 Mbps R3 799
30 Mbps R4 599
50 Mbps R6 599
70 Mbps R8 099
100 Mbps R10 399
100 Mbps+
 Corporate Package Size  5 Staff Installation (Valued at R27,500.00)
20 Mbps R4 099
30 Mbps R4 899
50 Mbps R6 899
70 Mbps R8 349
100 Mbps R10 649
100 Mbps +  –


There is going to be a massive demand for this package so don’t wait until it is too late.

Already we have had to restrict this offer to businesses that operate between Harrismith and Polokwane due to demand.

Screamer Telecoms is the highest rated
Internet Service Provider in SA according to

PS: These connections will also be seen as telephone extensions to the company’s virtual PABX so your remote operated switchboard can transfer calls directly to their houses.

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