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We provide exceptional high-speed wireless and fibre internet solutions for your business. Our high-speed business internet packages give you:


✓ 1:1 uncontended, uncapped & unshaped wireless/fibre internet – 5 Mbps to 1Gb.
✓ Managed services and 24/7 network monitoring.
✓ 99,9% uptime and failover option available.
✓ Synchronous connectivity.
✓ DDOS protected bandwidth.
✓ Tailored solutions.
✓ Static IP’s.
✓ Security and firewall enabled.
✓ Fast connectivity. We install your wireless or fibre internet connection in as little as 48 hours.
✓ 3 managers get free internet access at their homes.
✓ Call centre, onsite, and after-hours support access.
✓ Dedicated account and technical manager


As a multi-award-winning business internet service provider, we understand that corporate businesses require 100% uptime when it comes to internet connectivity, and no one can afford to have any delays or downtime.


There are very few ISP’s/telco’s in South Africa that self-provision all elements of a business network service, and that is in complete control of the post-sale solution environment. You have ONE number to call with simple, easy access to account management, reporting, technical assistance, and support both remotely as well as onsite. There are no lengthy call delays and no 3rd party excuses with multiple service providers required to repair problems.


We’re specialists in making sure that you always stay connected. We’re so confident in our ability to do so, that we provide a unique offer to our corporate clients.


We can supply a free, personal internet connection to any three senior managers’ homes within our coverage areas. In doing so, we ensure that your business never stops working.


Because of this, we are still the preferred corporate network and business internet supplier in South Africa, whether you are a one-man-band or conglomerate with multiple users and multiple sites.

We have a strong focus on our clients’ needs and as there are so many factors to consider like contention ratio, number of users and sites, required bandwidth, connection type, affordability, scalability, adaptability and technical support, additional equipment required etc, we want to personally get in touch with you and ensure we offer you the best tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements so you only pay for what you need.

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