Although our Mining clients often have State of the Art Head offices with the traditional telecommunication requirement of a major industry leader the revenue generating edges of their mining operations were often left to struggle with inadequate communication infrastructures purely because of their geographical locations and the prohibitive costs of a carrier grade satellite connection.

Because Screamer has it’s own carrier grade network spread throughout South Africa it is often a simple matter to extend it by one or 2 “hops” to connect our clients remote mining environments. Strangely enough some of these areas are not that remote and are just have badly serviced and unreliable telecommunication infrastructures due to cable theft and low population densities.

We have been able to not only ensure that these remote sites are provided with the main data and communication connections that their importance deserves but that the multitude of sub-contractors that proliferate the surrounds of the main mining activity are also connected to a solid and reliable local area network that can take advantage of the high data demand software that they use to provide and communicate with the mine and its managers.

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