Because of our pedigree in designing and installing countrywide networks for the Corporate world, Screamer has transitioned into providing high-speed fibre networks to gated or cluster type communities such as townhouse complexes and flats. Screamer is the best internet supplier for community living or providing community fibre or gated community fibre and internet. Have a look here at what you get for FREE when utilising Screamer as your fibre provider in your complex or flats.

Screamer offers some of the best fibre deals and fibre packages for gated community fibre internet or fibre broadband installations and so for truly fast internet and uncapped wifi contact us for our fibre prices and a free trial.

There are lots of opinions about what type of internet is the best and what to use and why. The most popular “broadband” service for residential subscribers is ADSL ( digital subscriber line). ADSL uses the existing copper telephone line infrastructure. In essence ADSL is a technology “retro-fitted” onto an old standby technology, usually it is the cheapest and is a distance-sensitive product, meaning that the farther you are from the local phone companies central office building the less effective it will be and is based on the quality and age of the copper the service is transmitted on. This is often what you will get for a Telkom fibre, Telkom internet, Telkom wifi or even uncapped Telkom applications.

Should you be happy with a “best effort” type service Screamer Telecoms has some of the most competitive ADSL packages and broadband deals for residential customers. We are also able to provide internet deals for uncapped Vodacom internet, Vodacom wifi, Vodacom fibre, uncapped MTN internet, MTN wifi, MTN fibre, Neotel internet, Neotel wifi, uncapped Neotel internet and Neotel fibre.

Although at first glance some of the pricing you see advertised might look like the cheapest uncapped internet or cheapest uncapped internet we will always make sure that you are offered the cheapest uncapped wifi solutions available in South Africa.

However, as one of the country’s premium internet service providers (isp) we also own a state of the art carrier-grade network with dedicated bandwidth for those customers who demand a more stable and reliable network. It doesn’t matter if you do not have a fibre network route running past your front door. We can get you connected quickly and our uncapped internet or uncapped wireless internet packages are the best in the country providing you with superfast unlimited wifi.


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