Screamer Streamer
streaming player

Includes a FREE Netflix Subscription

The streaming device can stream:


DSTV Now (Over the shelf units doesn't support it)


Google Play Store - to download unlimited content

Various IPTV Streams

Any other application on the Google Play Store

The device comes with

Improved voice-activated remote control

Wireless mini keyboard and mouse

USB & MicroSD Ports

The Screamer Streamer HD tv Box can also be used to view e-mails, access Gmail, run Play Store games, run your internet browser, is excellent for online gaming, full movie wat online and a myriad of other applications

Even if you are not a technical wiz, don’t panic. Our friendly Screamer Technician will visit you to install and set up your Screamer Streamer and show you how to use it at no cost. You also have access to our support line should you ever need any assistance.

Get your Screamer Streamer Android Tv Box and
save up to R649.00 per month on satellite subscriptions.