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Screamer Telecoms – Your Award-Winning Partner in Uninterrupted Connectivity!

Unrivalled Internet Services Throughout South Africa

Awarded the Best ISP title for three consecutive years, we’re committed to excellence in connectivity solutions for both residential & corporate clients.

Tailored Broadband Solutions for Every Need

Experience the ultimate internet freedom with our lightning-fast uncapped wifi, unbeatable fibre deals, and crystal-clear VoIP calling solutions in Sundra.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond connectivity. We provide robust IT support and cutting-edge cybersecurity to ensure your online experience is secure and uninterrupted. No matter your location, even in the most remote areas, Screamer Telecoms guarantees reliable, high-speed internet access.

Join Our Growing Community of Satisfied Customers

Choosing Screamer Telecoms as your ISP in South Africa means joining a large, satisfied community that values quality and reliability in their internet service provider.

With over 3,400 business clients and 47,832 residential customers, our growing Screamer Telecoms family proves our commitment to providing exceptional service.

Embark on Superior Connectivity with Screamer Telecoms, where exceptional service is the standard, and limitless connectivity is yours to explore.

47,832 Satisfied Customer

Voted Best ISP

Why Choose Screamer

Opting for Screamer Telecoms grants access to our proprietary licensed broadband network, ensuring quick response times, dependable internet speeds, unmatched fibre and Wifi offers, and year-round support.

Our independent operation, unbound by third-party ISP networks, affords us unparalleled oversight over the reliability and quality of our services, guaranteeing top-tier industry experiences.


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Community Fibre

Estate, Apartments/Business Parks /Gated Communities

Upgrade to Screamer Telecoms for high-speed fibre installation in your residential estate, apartment building, or gated community.

How does it all work?

Screamer Telecoms will install distribution fibre in a strategically central location within your estate or complex. Our equipment is typically placed in the gatehouse at the estate entrance or in the basement of an apartment building. From there, fibre connections extend to wall boxes in each subscribed home or apartment.

Upon subscribing to Screamer Telecoms FTTH service, our professional installers will set up and configure an on-site wireless router, ensuring residents can immediately connect their devices to the network.

Get fibre installed in your estate/complex for Free.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have 90% network coverage across Gauteng, Limpopo, Northwest, Vaal and Mpumalanga including urban and rural areas. Contact us to confirm.

Yes, we provide business internet services that are specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of businesses, including high-speed fibre internet and managed IT support services.

We take security very seriously and have implemented robust security measures to ensure your data is secure. Our services also include virtual private network (VPN) capabilities that provide an additional layer of security and privacy.

The installation time varies depending on the type of service and location. However, we strive to provide quick turnaround times to ensure you get connected as soon as possible.

Yes, we provide customizable internet service packages that allow you to select the services that best suit your needs, including speed, data limits, and managed IT support services.

Yes, we offer managed IT services to provide our customers with comprehensive IT support and solutions.

We take pride in our award-winning services, customer-centric approach, and commitment to delivering quality internet solutions. We have our network, which means we have greater control over our services, and we offer affordable deals that meet the needs of our customers.

Yes, we offer 24/7 technical support to ensure our customers receive the necessary assistance with any internet-related issues.ifferent Wi-Fi signals simultaneously on different frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 2.4GHz band is best for longer-range coverage and compatibility with older devices, while the 5GHz band provides faster speeds and is ideal for streaming and gaming.

Yes, you can easily switch to our internet service from your current provider. We have a straightforward process, and our team is always ready to help you through the transition.

You can sign up for our internet services by filling out the online form on our website or by calling our customer service team for further assistance.

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Need More Info?

Leave your details and one of our professional consultants will get in touch with you

Need More Info?

Leave your details and one of our professional consultants will get in touch with you

What They're Saying

Customer Testimonials

Screamer definitely meets our requirements and we are completely satisfied with their services. We are happy with their international unshaped bandwidth offering as well as their line speeds. The connection is very reliable and their service outstanding. As a matter of fact, we had some serious cable theft in Denver Extension 7 where our head office is situated. I contacted Craig from Screamer and within a day they had set up a connection for us. We have been using their services ever since. I can definitely recommend them from a service as well as a support point of view. As our business runs on a 24 hour basis, we also use the Screamer line as an incoming VPN connection for all remote sites that need to connect to our network at any time of the day or night.
Chris Lazanakis
Kargo International Logistics
Screamer Telecoms definitely meets our user requirements and we are satisfied with their services. Particularly the low to no contention ratio on international and local bandwidth, the speedy support responses and line speeds. The connection to date has been reliable and the support we receive is excellent. The Screamer Telecoms wireless solution has eliminated the risk of cable theft in our area and has been a convenient primary solution for our head office Internet connectivity. We can definitely recommend Screamer Telecoms as a proper Telco grade service provider.
Paul Dean
African Bank
Thanks to Screamer Telecoms for providing a stable and reliable service to a number of our hard to reach site, especially in areas that other major Telco’s and service providers couldn’t. We appreciate your turn around times on order, your price competitiveness for like for like services and the ability to provide public IPS’s. Kentz is a large international organisation and cross border throughput is vital to us. Screamers have proven their low contention ratio on international and is one of the best we have experienced and very content with. It is a pleasure dealing with your organisation and we look forward to grow our footprint with you.
Francois Joubert
Country MIS Manager, Kentz (Pty) Ltd

I just wanted to share my wonderful experience I had from multiple members of the Screamer Team.

As this would be I am working from home and we are on a farm outside Rustenburg so needless to say connectivity is a huge challenge not to mention service.

I contacted 2 suppliers not including Cornelle.

The other 1 supplier took over 2 weeks to get to me and when he did he wanted me to remove a huge amount of trees to get this thing working. The other supplier never got to me.

Cornelle Erasmus - who was recommended by someone on our local group - on the other hand I phoned at 16h30 the previous day where he was with a client.  We again spoke the next day and he went out of his way to assist us even after hours to check that our location would be suitable .  To the exception of the rule the service did not in any way become less. I cannot tell you how wonderfully refreshing it was to see such incredible dedication and work ethic from someone in our day and age especially Rustenburg.  He spent the required time to ensure our connection is what it should be and didn’t stop until it was exactly that.  When connections are slow even after installation he would enquire on our behalf where he can. Wow wow wow.

Then there is the sales team – Shehzaad Toefy who helped me register my service before the lockdown so I am able to work from home in a prompt and sufficient way.

Accounts team - when I had challenge with my billing sorted it out promptly and professionally without any challenges. (Soneni Varekamp especially)

From a customer point of view you have a great team and I thought it was worth taking the time to let you know.

Charlotte Marx
Ocean Basket

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Screamer Telecoms internet service provider is an award-winning Business Network Solutions, Fibre internet & Wifi service provider that offers the best wifi uncapped deals & fiber deals.
Look at us as your one stop IT Solutions and Managed IT Support service provider with specialists that understand the quality and reliability demanded by Residential and Corporate networks.
We do not make use of any other Internet service providers (ISP) network services which means we can make sure that you are always connected to fast wifi & we can offer you the cheapest uncapped wifi deals, even @ places where other Telekoms & fibre internet service providers can’t assist.
There is not a lot of internet services providers that do not turn down your wifi speed, but with Screamer you can do speed test anytime to see that you are getting what you are paying for.  
Our free wifi connection offer + range of wifi router deals & fiber deals, with no upfront cost are just some of the reasons why Screamer Telecoms Internet service provider has been voted one of SA’S best ISP by my broadband.
Screamer Telecoms offer a wide range of fibre | wifi | telecommunications | voip & internet solutions for businesses & home and remain SA’s most trusted uncapped Wireless internet & business broadband fibre internet service provider since 2000.

Services offered at Screamer Telecoms Internet service provider:

• IT infrastructure design & IT integration & Managed IT support services
• Business Wireless Wan Network solutions | Secured Wans | VPN Technologies
• Unified threat management | Network security solutions Antivirus Firewall
• Business Fibre broadband | Fiber internet | Fibre in my area with fibre deals from R299
• Uncapped wifi | wireless internet | Uncapped home wifi deals from R499
• Wireless Lans | Virtual Lan network connections
• Telecommunication systems – Business telephone systems | VoIp Solutions | PABX systems | hosted PABX
• Network solution domains
• SD Wan failover– (Software defined wide area network)
• TV Box for sale (rental)

As your business grows – more staff, more branches – and subsequent more communication demands at multiple locations, it is critical that your WAN architecture & IT Infrastructure keeps up with your growing business. 
Screamer’s Wireless Wan Technologies & Virtual private network solutions (VPN) help your company to be more cohesive and flexible – and it is also very cost-effective.
Over the 20 years in business, we have perfected our wide selection of Enterprise solutions and WAN Infrastructure management services.        

We are THE trusted leaders in making sure that your business always stays connected with ultra-secured Business fibre optic broadband, VPN Technologies, and high-performing Wireless Wide area Networks solutions (WAN Solutions)

We do not believe in a one-size-fits all approach. 

Our business network solutions are completely flexible and scalable, and we specialize in tailoring a secured WAN connection that delivers advanced internet connectivity for any size business anywhere in South Africa.     

It makes sense to trust our highly qualified engineers and IT Experts who has more than 20 years of experience to do your WAN Infrastructure design, IT Integration, and your complete network systems management. 

Get a firewall that adapts to your network, avoid downtime, data loss & security breaches at a lower cost.   

With one, integrated WAN solution, you can eliminate any gaps in your IT infrastructure & endpoint protection, decrease incident volume, & minimize incident response times. 

Screamer Telecoms network security services monitors & controls incoming & outgoing network traffic, protecting your business network & devices from harmful viruses, malware, spyware and other cyber based attacks.   

We maintain proper extensive configurations & proactive monitoring your business systems & respond immediately to anomalies before they become serious issues.

It makes sense to trust our highly qualified engineers and IT Experts who has more than 20 years of experience to do your WAN Infrastructure design, IT Integration, and your complete network systems management. 

Our Antivirus Firewalls protects your network from the latest threats while accelerating your important SaaS, SD-WAN, & cloud application traffic.


  • TLS 1.3 Decryption
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Application Acceleration
  • Expose Hidden Risks.
  • Stop Unknown Threats
  • Isolate Infected Systems 
  • Cost saving:No setup fees only a low monthly cost.
  • Unlimited remote support 7 days a week
  • Your network is protected 24/7/365


Get uncapped Wifi & free wifi connection setup + a free wifi router.  

Explore more on Screamer’s wifi uncapped & fibre internet + get the best wifi uncapped deals & fiber deals in my area.  

  • Get your family connected with Screamer’s wifi uncapped in 3 days.
  • No Telkom ADSL / DSL / No Telkom landline required or rain wifi. 
  • No throttling of your wifi speed 
  • Free wifi connection
  • Free wireless router
  • Cheapest deals for wifi in your area
  • Your wireless internet will be ready for use within 2 hours. 
  • You can upgrade your internet speed whenever you like.  

Screamer Telecoms internet service providers wireless internet uncapped service & the best wireless uncapped wifi deals are available across South Africa. 

Screamer Telecoms offer a full wifi connection service. We will set up your Internet and WiFi and provide you with a free wireless router.    

When deciding which uncapped wireless wifi deals you should go for, you need to establish what your broadband needs are first as there are a variety of wi fi deals and uncapped fibre deals to choose from.    

Let a Screamer Telecoms internet service provider agent get in touch with you to you to discuss our uncapped wifi deals and advice how to proceed with the application so we can have you up and running with unlimited wifi in no time.    

Contact us today to get the best uncapped data deals and count on Screamer Telecoms internet service provider to make sure you are always connected with the fastest Internet & cheapest wi fi deals.

Get a whole team of IT Experts to take care of your IT infrastructure maintenance & network management services. 

 Our approach:


Our IT Specialists will map out a cost effective & scalable.  Business network solution & IT infrastructure design that fits your business needs & budget.         


Once the IT Integration has been done, we can manage your IT services completely.         


Our IT specialists will monitor your It Infrastructure & optimize and repair network system errors before they cause major issues.        

Screamer’s VLAN service | LAN network connection.     

Communicate with other computers in the office, sharing resources such as printers, scanners & storage devices, accessing the internet & emails, video conferencing, file sharing etc. in an easy & fast way with Screamer’s Lan service.         

Why moving your LAN Area network into the hands of our expert IT Specialist benefits you? 

1. Reduce your office expenditure   

Costly resources such as printers can be shared by all the computers & only 1 internet connection is needed.        

2. All the data from all the computers can be stored in one server. 

Central backups can be provided on a server, so all work is saved together.       

3. Data can be shared across the network. 

This would allow several people to work on the same project, but they will not be able to edit the same record at the same time. 

Screamer PBX Switchboard is easy to implement, is highly scalable and can provide you with advanced functionality for your business.         

Screamer’s PBX System enabling you to add or remove phone lines as your business grows. Let the employee’s number follow them wherever they go. Customers can access your staff anytime and anywhere in the world as when transferring a call from your office to a remote extension, your customers will not even know that they have been transferred to a remote office.             

Not only does Screamer PBX System increase productivity and mobility of your staff without missing any calls, but the cost savings you also will experience almost immediately, will leave you stunned.        

Do not ever miss a call again! 

Reduce your telecommunications costs and save 70% on our business telephone systems solutions.     

Not only does Screamer’s hosted Telephone systems offer businesses flexibility when it comes to communications, but our lowest call rates allow your business to communicate at a fraction of the cost of traditional old landline telephones.       

We use VoIP technology to provide a telecommunication service over your existing wireless broadband internet connection.   

Our Hosted VOIP solutions (Voice over the internet protocol) & PBX Switchboard systems can seamlessly integrate with your business’s existing network architecture.         

A VoIP (Voice over IP) Line is predominantly for small businesses with a few employees. It is different from a Telkom landline in the sense that you only require a reliable link to the internet.    

Screamer Telecoms internet service provider provides a wide range of VoIP business telephone systems from single line IP phones to Hosted PABX & PBX Switchboard systems with multiple VOIP packages to choose from.  

Screamer Telecoms will happily invest in the FTTH fibre infrastructure in your complex for FREE. It is an open fibre internet service, & therefore you are still allowed to use whichever internet service providers you want to use, but since we are the best, you don’t need to look any further.          


NO COSTS TO THE COMPLEX and the best home fibre deals for the residents. Various fibre uncapped deals available from R299, 10mbps fibre at R799 up to 100mbps fibre internet.        

No Fibre coverage in the area, no problem   

    Please leave your details and we will contact you very shortly

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