Single Line

From R116 p/m

✓ Installation
✓ Onsite Hardware

Multi Line

From R95.00 p/m

✓ Installation
✓ Onsite Hardware

Hosted PABX

From R999.00 p/m

✓ Line Rental/s
✓ Installation
✓ Onsite Hardware

Our world-class VoIP and PABX solutions are perfect for home use and small businesses. Our VoIP and PABX services give you:


✓ Up to 70% savings on your existing telephone bill
✓ Free on-net calling.
✓ Single line or hosted PABX solutions
✓ Unlimited extensions at no extra cost.
✓ Keep your current number when you port it for free to the Screamer network
✓ Call waiting / Call hunt / Conference calling / Call transfer and voicemail
✓ Crystal clear voice and videoconferencing

Forget about running cables and wires through your home or business. A VoIP Line is a phone service used together with a VoIP telephone (desktop/cordless) which is predominantly used in homes and for small businesses with a few employees. It is different from a traditional telephone line service in the sense that you only require a reliable link to the internet either through your business internet connection or through your residential internetconnection. So no more old fashioned “highly in demand” copper cables that get stolen and leave you disconnected from the world for weeks which in turn cost your business a fortune.

PABX Switchboard

Are you a small business with more than three users? Or a larger enterprise with thousands of users and looking for a switchboard solution that is easy to implement, has a low barrier to entry, is highly scalable and can provide you with advanced functionality for your business? You name it, and we do it! Screamer uses VoIP technology to provide a fully managed and customisable PBX solution. Predicting how many phones you’d require in the next year is no easy task, and considering traditional phone line systems, it is a costly exercise if the phone isn’t put to use in its fullest capacity. With Screamer’s VoIP service, this problem disappears, enabling you to add or remove phone lines as your business grows. Our crystal-clear lines connect you with your customers, family and friends all over the world. Never miss another critical call from a potential client.


Let the employee’s number follow them where ever they go. Customers can access your staff anytime and anywhere in the world with mobile capability that directs incoming office calls to your sales staff’s mobile phones when they are away from their desks.


Screamer Telecoms can change the programming of your PABX remotely, saving you on callout fees and time to make changes such as adding or deleting extensions or changing routing. Distribute phones in multiple geographic locations, while still being connected to the same PBX. This allows you to have remote staff/management working from home as if they are in the office connected to the same PABX! When transferring a call from your office to a remote extension, your customers will not even know that they have been transferred to a remote office. Receive voicemail messages as an email attachment in MP3 format. This works very well when you are on the road. Once again, all you need is a reliable internet connection, together with a VoIP handset or softphone.


Not only does Screamer VoIP increase productivity and mobility of your staff without missing any calls, the cost savings you will experience almost immediately will leave you stunned. Don’t let your business fall behind!