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You’ve decided to boost productivity and take your company to the next level, but where to start? Whether it’s deciding what symmetrical speed you need, or what provider to choose, there’s a lot to look at when buying your next high-speed business internet connection. Here’s our ultimate shortlist of what to look for when buying fibre internet for your business:

1. Genuine Fiber, Not FTTN:

During numerous fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) services, clarity is paramount. FTTN involves using fiber optic cable for part of the data transmission, with the last leg relying on copper or another wire. Common in residential fiber internet, FTTN often falls short of promised speeds, particularly during peak hours. When selecting your internet service, prioritize an end-to-end fiber optic solution over FTTN, avoiding marketing tactics that may mislead.

2. Dedicated Speeds:

Beware of the asterisk and “speeds up to” in the fine print. Despite fiber’s inherent speed, some providers don’t guarantee the advertised speeds. Opt for dedicated speeds that are assured when exploring fiber internet options. A dedicated connection, exclusive to your business, not only ensures consistent speeds but also enhances security compared to shared lines.

3. Guaranteed Uptime:

Uptime is a critical factor, given the significant financial implications of network downtime. Seek a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) from your chosen provider, demonstrating their commitment to quality and uninterrupted service.

4. Unlimited Data Usage:

As businesses increasingly rely on cloud-based applications, ensuring unlimited data usage is paramount. When comparing fiber internet services, prioritize plans with unrestricted data usage. This feature becomes crucial as data consumption spikes with everyday tasks like video conferencing. With a fiber service offering unlimited capacity, your team can seamlessly engage in data-intensive activities without constraints.

In conclusion, prioritize a service that encompasses true end-to-end fiber, dedicated speeds, guaranteed uptime, and unlimited data usage. By adhering to these key considerations, you can make a well-informed choice that aligns with your business needs and sets the stage for a more efficient and reliable internet connection.