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Instead of having one person who is in control of your IT systems, you get a whole team of IT Experts to take care of your end-to-end IT infrastructure maintenance and network management services.

Our Approach


After taking the time to understand your business needs, our team of professional IT Specialists will map out a cost effective and scalable Business network solution and IT infrastructure design recommendation that fits your unique business needs and budget.


Once the IT Integration has been done Screamer can manage your IT services in its entirety or in conjunction with your internal IT Department. We also maintain and supply your entire wireless wan network and will take care of all your maintenance, making sure your data is safe and secured, and ensure you stay connected 24/7. You now only need one number to design and support your entire WAN, LAN, voice and IT requirements and no more “passing the buck” between different support organizations!

Onsite and remote support:

When you need technical support, you’ll speak with a real person who will guide you through troubleshooting options to get you back to business as usual.

We can also recommend, and set up, cutting-edge hardware and applications to increase workforce productivity and reduce capital costs. (SD Wan Products)


Our IT specialists will proactively monitor your IT Infrastructure and optimise, diagnose, and repair network system errors before they cause major issues and disrupt your operations and can result in costly downtime for your business

Screamer’s VLAN service LAN network

Communicate with other computers in the office, sharing resources such as printers, scanners and storage devices, accessing the internet and emails, video conferencing, file sharing and instant messaging etc. in an easy and fast way with Screamer’s Lan service

Why moving your LAN Area network into the hands of our expert IT Specialist benefits you

Reduce your office expenditure

Costly resources such as printers can be shared by all the computers and only 1 internet connection is needed. Software can be shared in several computers connected to your Lan network instead of purchasing the separately licensed software for each computer.

All the data from all the computers can be stored in one server network. 

Central backups can be provided on a server network, so all work is saved together. An individual user can load his or her work on any computer on the server network and retrieve work that has been deleted by mistake

Data can be shared across the server network.

This would allow several people to work on the same project, but they will not be able to edit the same record at the same time. The setting up of their own system passwords allow different users different access to most company databases. Once the first user has completed and saved the operation, the record is unlocked again.

Firewall Network security services and Anti-Virus

Digital credentials, such as usernames and passwords connect your employees to critical business applications, as well as online services. Unfortunately, criminals know this — and attacks on business networks may be inevitable.  Screamer Telecoms network security services monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic, protecting your business network and devices from harmful viruses, malware, spyware and other cyber based attacks.

Your data is one of your most important business assets, so it pays to keep it safe. Our on-site and remote backup services which we customise for your business needs, ensures your data is securely replicated on a daily basis and fully accessible at all times.


Why choose Our Zero trust firewall protection service?

  • We maintain proper extensive configurations and proactive monitoring your business systems and respond immediately to anomalies before they become serious issues.
  • Our Antivirus Firewalls blocks unauthorized access which can lead to loss of important data, the leak of confidential client information or compromising other security features on your business network
  • Improve business function and cuts down distractions that eat up productivity at work.
  • Cost saving: No setup fees and expensive hardware only a low monthly cost.
  • Unlimited remote support 7 days a week
  • Your network is protected 24/7/365

SD-WAN Software Defined Wide Area Network

Screamer’s SD-WAN technology (software-defined networking technology) simplifies the management of your WAN network, used to define multiple Internet links for the best possible application routing outcome between multi offices/branch locations.

Our SD-WAN uses software-defined networking principles for configuring and implementing your enterprise WAN. The software defined network principles used in our SD-WAN virtualize your corporate network physical devices so the network functions can run as software on commodity hardware.

This type of network solution is best suited for businesses that has multiple branches and heavy traffic. There might be a considerable initial investment required when deploying a new end-to-end SD-WAN Infrastructure, but over time, there are also considerable savings.

SD-WAN benefits:

The primary benefits of Screamer’s SD-Wan technology (software-defined wide area network) come from the flexibility and agility inherent to this type of corporate network.

✓ Higher capacity bandwidth at a much lower cost and multiple connection types

SD-WAN technology allows organizations to use cheaper connection types than MPLS when building your Network Infrastructure. Create a single network that includes many connection types, such as multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), broadband, or cellular connections. Our corporate networks can take advantage of SD-WAN to rely less on expensive, private MPLS connections and use cheaper, public connections for less sensitive data.

Centralized network management and makes networking updates easy to manage and simple to implement

Our SD-WAN (software defined wide area networking) technology let the network traffic change transports, the cable or wireless network connecting the branch office and data centres. The transports being used can be mixed and matched based on bandwidth availability. And when new remote locations need to be added to your business network, the extra connections can be faster and easier than with hardware-based networks.

Improve your organization’s connectivity between various branches

SD-WANs benefits your business by removing expensive routing hardware and instead provisioning connectivity and services from a single location, such as a head office or the cloud. Scale your connectivity demands and change the type of WAN connections being used as traffic volumes change. This flexibility also lowering overall future WAN infrastructure expenses.


SD WAN on the edge with at least one Screamer connection will resolve both branch and middle mile Internet performance issues

Our SLA Uptime Guarantee

Your SLA is your guarantee that you will enjoy a high level of performance and connectivity.

We build, maintain, and monitor our own carrier grade, licensed telecommunications network which is under our own exclusive control. You have ONE number to call with simple, easy access to account management, reporting, technical assistance, and support both remotely as well as onsite. There are no lengthy call delays and no 3rd party excuses with multiple service providers required to repair problems.

Why Choose Us?

One stop Managed IT Solutions and Telecommunications services provider

Professional IT services tailored for your business

Fast response and your satisfaction are our focus

Reliable, proactive, preventive, responsive IT so there is no lost productivity due to IT related issues


Using one company for your WAN & Lan needs prevents the “passing of the buck” syndrome. Get in touch to get full support from end to end

Using one company for your WAN & Lan needs prevents the “passing of the buck” syndrome. Get in touch to get full support from end to end